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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Electric League Foundation?

The Electric League Foundation is a charitable fund established by the Electric league of Missouri and Kansas as a membership benefit.
The Foundation is divided into two funds: the Electric League Scholarship Fund and the Electric League Charitable fund.


Why two separate funds?

The Electric League Board of Directors had two goals in mind when the fund was established. the first goal was to give back to our members by offering a tangible benefit that will fulfill a need for members and their families. This goal will be met by the Scholarship fund, which is available to employees of all member companies, their children and grandchildren.

The second goal was to give back to our community through a charitable fund. Once a year, the Fund's advisory committee will determine a recipient charity to receive an outright grant for that year. The focus for these gifts will be young people and their families.

Because of the IRS rules related to establishment of charitable funds, these two funds must be separate because they serve separate purposes.


How much money is in the Foundation?

The Foundation was initially funded in June 1996 by a donation from the League's general fund of $40,000: $30,000 was placed in the Scholarship Fund, and $10,000 was placed in the Charitable Fund. We will continue to grow the fund with donations from successful League projects and member donations.


Where is the money deposited?

The funds have been deposited with the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts (GKCCF). The GKCCF is a pool of charitable funds invested for the community's future, and a source of grants for key community projects. Today, 500 funds ranging in size form $10,000 to $14 million make up the Community Foundation, some targeted to specific purposes, others established in an area of interest such as education, health care or the arts.

The advantage of merging our funds with the community Foundation is ease of start-up, maximum tax advantage and economies of scale - administrative costs are shared and kept to a minimum, and one annual report is filed with the IRS for all funds.

In addition, by pooling investments through the Community Foundation, we maximize the earnings on our Fund.


When will funds be distributed?

Scholarships will be granted each spring for the following fall semester. Applications will be available on January 1st, and must be completed and returned by March 1st. The Advisory Committee will make its selection and recipients will be notified by April 1st.

The recipient of the charitable gift will be determined each fall, and a check will be given to a representative of the recipient group at the League's Holiday Luncheon in December.


Can I contribute to the Foundation?

YES! Gifts to the Electric League Foundation are accepted in any amount. Your donations are fully tax deductible.

Unless you specify otherwise, your gift will be divided between the two funds: 75 percent to the Scholarship Fund and 25 percent to the Charitable Fund. If you would prefer your gift to be split any other way - or to go entirely to one part of the fund - simply specify when you send your check.


Download and fill out this form.
Checks should be made payable to: The Electric League Foundation; and mailed to: 638 W. 39th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.





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